About Us

The Dr. Rath Health Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving human health on a global scale through research, education, and the defense of patients’ rights to choose natural health therapies. Funded by the profits of the Dr. Rath Group, it was founded in 2002 by Dr. Matthias Rath, a renowned scientist and physician whose scientific discoveries offer major breakthroughs in the prevention and control of cardiovascular disease, cancer and other health problems. Over the past two decades, the Foundation has become a major force in promoting natural health education and health rights throughout the world.

Cutting edge natural health research supported by the Foundation is carried out at the non-profit Dr. Rath Research Institute. Located in San Jose, California, and headed by Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, the Institute is staffed with world-class scientists from the fields of medicine, biochemistry, cellular biology, toxicology, and nutrition.

The primary goal of the Foundation is to establish a new global healthcare system that can be implemented simply and economically in any country, from the local level right up to the level of national public health policy. Making natural preventive health approaches a human right is central to achieving this goal. Based on our scientific breakthroughs in the areas of nutritional and Cellular Medicine, it is already possible for chronic diseases to become largely unknown in future generations if these approaches are implemented now.

The Foundation is also the coordinating organization behind the Movement of Life, a non-profit movement that focuses on encouraging people to create hands-on pilot projects in the areas of health, food, water, energy, knowledge, and work. Countries in which we have previously been running these projects include Uganda, Malawi, and Ghana. We are currently working on a project in Zimbabwe. The Movement of Life website shares our experiences from coordinating these pilot projects with the goal of making a better, healthier, more peaceful, and socially just world for everyone. We invite you to visit the Movement of Life website and consider becoming one of our volunteer national coordinators.