May 17, 2024

Thousands Believe Covid Vaccines Harmed Them. Is Anyone Listening?

All vaccines have at least occasional side effects. But people who say they were injured by Covid vaccines believe their cases have been ignored.
May 17, 2024

Zinc May Reduce Cold Symptoms By Two Days

Zinc might reduce the duration of common cold symptoms by about two days, a new evidence review says.
May 17, 2024

California City Declares Public Health Emergency After Tuberculosis Sickens 14

The City Council of Long Beach, California has authorized a public health emergency in response to a local outbreak of tuberculosis.
May 17, 2024

Study Suggests Daily Consumption of Olive Oil Reduces Chances of Developing Dementia

A team of nutritionists and medical researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has found evidence that daily consumption of olive oil may reduce the chances of developing dementia.
May 17, 2024

Selenium Supplements May Offer Migraine Support

Daily supplementation with selenium may reduce the frequency and severity of headaches in people suffering from migraines, says a new study from Iran.
May 10, 2024

Pharmaceutical Giants Knowingly Sold HIV-Infected Treatment to UK National Health Service

Pharmaceutical companies knowingly sold a treatment infected with HIV to the UK’s National Health Service, The Telegraph has revealed.
February 2, 2024

Dr. Rath’s Cellular Health Recommendations for Cancer

July 6, 2022

Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks … But People Do!

The natural prevention of heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and many other cardiovascular conditions.
May 11, 2022

Dr. Rath’s Basic Cellular Health Recommendations

Dr. Rath’s Basic Cellular Health recommendations comprise a selection of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements. These essential nutrients have been chosen based on scientific […]
October 9, 2020

The Nazi Roots of the “Brussels EU”

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