November 25, 2022

Radiotherapy ‘Does Not Improve Breast Cancer Survival After 30 Years’, Study Shows

One of the longest-ever follow-up studies of breast cancer patients has found radiotherapy does not appear to improve survival after 30 years.
November 25, 2022

A Daily Dose Of Aspirin Raises The Risk Of Falls Among Older People

In a trial of more than 16,000 people over 70, those who took a low dose of aspirin every day were just under 10 percent more likely to have a fall that required hospital care than those on placebo.
November 25, 2022

At Least Two Pesticides In Half Of Bread Sold In UK

Half of bread sold in the UK contains at least two different pesticides, government data has revealed.
November 25, 2022

Europe Faces ‘Cancer Epidemic’ After Estimated 1 Million Cases Missed During Covid

Experts have warned that Europe faces a “cancer epidemic” unless urgent action is taken to boost treatment and research, after an estimated 1 million diagnoses were missed during the pandemic.
November 25, 2022

B Vitamins Demonstrate Positive Action Against COVID-19

Supplementation with vitamin B5 can reduce the odds of developing COVID-19 by 47 percent, while moderate intake of vitamin B12 offers viral protection, according to study results.
November 17, 2022

Big Pharma (Falsely) Claims Drug Prices Reflect Research & Development Costs

A new study has found no correlation between research and development spending and outlandish drug prices.