November 26, 2020

Consuming More Vitamin B3 Can Protect Skin Cells From UV Exposure & Lower Cancer Risk

Researchers in Italy say adding more niacin (vitamin B3) to your diet can protect the skin from ultraviolet (UV) exposure and reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.
November 26, 2020

Study Links Vitamin E And Carotenoids To Reduced Cognitive Decline

A diet rich in vitamin E and carotenoids, including lycopene, may reduce the speed of cognitive decline, according to a large prospective cohort study.
November 26, 2020

Multibillionaire Warren Buffett Makes Big Investment In US Pharmaceutical Firms

Berkshire Hathaway, the investment company run by multibillionaire Warren Buffet, bought shares in drug companies AbbVie, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck and Pfizer between July and September, according to filings with the US regulator.
November 26, 2020

Daily Dose Of Vitamin D Supplements Lowers Risk Of Advanced Cancer

Taking a daily dose of vitamin D can lower your chance of developing advanced cancer by 17 per cent, new research suggests.
November 26, 2020

How The DuPont Chemical Company Shaped Joe Biden’s Views On Business

To see what President-elect Joe Biden thinks is wrong with the American economy today and how he would try to fix it, look to his relationship with chemical company DuPont.
November 19, 2020

WHO Chief Admits Vaccine Will Not Be Enough To Stop Pandemic

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that a vaccine would not by itself stop the coronavirus pandemic.