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The Power of Probiotics

Image source: iStock by Getty Images

In recent decades, industrialized countries have seen significant increases in the incidence of chronic degenerative diseases of civilization. While it has been known for many years that there is a close interaction between intestinal microbiota, the immune system, and some of the body’s key metabolic processes, it is only recently that the effects of a loss or imbalance of microbiota on the pathogenesis of diseases has become widely discussed.

A regular intake of probiotic microorganisms can influence the balance of microbiota in the body, especially in the colon, increasing bacteria that have beneficial effects and displacing those with negative effects. Conditions for which probiotics have been shown to be beneficial include infectious diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, allergies, and metabolic disorders. Based on these findings, probiotics play an important role in Dr. Rath’s Cellular Medicine approach to health.

In the brochure below, we explain what probiotics are, why we need them, and summarize their roles in the prevention and control of diseases.