July 17, 2019

DR Congo Ebola Outbreak Declared Global Health Emergency

The World Health Organization has declared the Ebola crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo a "public health emergency of international concern".
July 16, 2019

U.S. House Of Representatives Orders The Pentagon To Investigate Whether Ticks Were Used As Bioweapons

The U.S. House of Representatives has ordered an investigation into whether the Department of Defense experimented with ticks and other insects as biological weapons.
July 15, 2019

U.S. Judge Slashes Roundup Weedkiller Damages Award To $25.3 Million, But Bayer Still Plans To Appeal

A U.S. federal judge has slashed the damages awarded to Edwin Hardeman, a California man who developed cancer as a result of using Roundup, a weedkiller, to control weeds on his property. But Bayer, the company that produces the toxic chemical, claims it isn’t carcinogenic and says it still plans to appeal.
July 12, 2019

Almost 1 Million Australians Aged Over 70 Now Taking 5 Or More Drugs A Day

The number of Australians over the age of 70 taking five drugs or more a day has risen to nearly one million people and is still increasing, according to a new study led by The University of Western Australia in collaboration with The University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney.
July 11, 2019

B Vitamin Supplementation Eases Metabolic Syndrome Symptoms In Adults

Supplementation with B vitamins can lower plasma homocysteine levels in people with metabolic syndrome, according to a trial conducted in an adult Japanese population.
July 10, 2019

Zinc Supplements May Help Prevent Diabetes

Zinc supplementation may have clinical potential for preventing or managing diabetes, according to researchers from China who conducted a systematic review and comprehensive meta-analysis of 32 studies.
July 5, 2019

The Cell Damaging Effects Of Roundup (Glyphosate) Herbicides

Roundup is a highly toxic herbicide containing the active ingredient glyphosate. Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide, which means that it kills plants by preventing them from […]
July 2, 2019

Bill Gates Launches Political ‘Lobbying’ Organization

Bill Gates and his wife have launched a new lobbying organization to work with lawmakers on issues such as global health and global development.