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Truth of EU Qatargate Scandal ‘Will Explode’, Says Former Investigator


The truth behind the Qatargate corruption scandal engulfing the European Union “will explode” one day, the former chief investigator has said.


With Europe increasingly distracted by the ongoing war in Ukraine and fears of a new financial crisis, the latest corruption scandal to engulf the continent’s so-called ‘European Union’ (EU) has conveniently dropped lower down the news headlines. Dubbed ‘Qatargate,’ the scandal involves allegations that a vice president of the European Parliament and other EU lawmakers have been bribed by the governments of Qatar, Morocco, Mauritania, and possibly other countries, in return for influencing the Brussels-based political construct.

Following police raids, arrests, and the seizure of cash, computers, and mobile phones from suspects, some observers are already asking whether the scandal could even signal the end of the EU. Deeply damaged as a result of repeated ignominies over the past couple of decades, Qatargate comes hot on the heels of Brexit and our international exposure of the EU’s Nazi roots.

Significantly, therefore, as described in this Daily Telegraph news story, Michel Claise, a Belgian judge who stepped back from the investigation earlier this year, has admitted that certain individuals are attempting to manipulate the truth about the scandal. Stating that the truth is not to be found on television or in magazines, Claise also revealed that another judge has now been placed in a safe house after receiving death threats.

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