September 30, 2009

Facts and Fiction About 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic

A global fear of swine flu pandemic that started in April of last year brought many important political and economic decisions affecting almost every country of […]
July 22, 2009

Interview with Paul Anthony Taylor

The 26 June – 3 July 2009 issue of Formula AS, a popular Romanian magazine, carried an interview on the subject of Codex Alimentarius with the […]
May 22, 2009

The dam of the “business with the AIDS epidemic” is breaking

The new findings from two academic institutions in Hamburg and Heidelberg, Germany, published in May 2009 in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA” […]
May 1, 2009

Swine Flu and Human Influenza – Questions and Answers

It’s been three years since the bird flu scare, six years since the outbreak of SARS and now the alerts about a potential pandemic of swine […]
October 28, 2008

Questions and Answers About AIDS

Dr. Raxit Jariwalla, professor of virology, is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of AIDS and nutrition. In this questions and answer section […]
October 28, 2008

Potential beneficiaries for whom these web pages were built

HIV-positive people and AIDS patients Given the serious side effects of antiretroviral drug medicines for HIV/AIDS, it is high time that public awareness of the latest […]
October 28, 2008

Biography – Raxit J. Jariwalla, PhD

Raxit Jariwalla is a Senior Researcher and Head of nutrition and infectious diseases at the Dr. Rath Research Institute. He was formerly head of the virology […]
October 28, 2008

What the ‘ARV defendants’ don’t want you to know about ARVs – part 9

The pharma industry is biased against micronutrients The pharmaceutical industry is biased against micronutrients because they can’t be patented. Instead, therefore, it concentrates upon producing patented […]