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A scientific breakthrough protecting against all coronavirus mutations

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The world has reached a critical point. New mutations of the coronavirus threaten not just human health, but also economic and social aspects of life as we know it today.

In this situation mankind has a clear choice. On the one hand it can submit to a world in which fundamental civil rights are increasingly taken away, and where people are pressured into believing that only an avalanche of new vaccines can protect them against any new coronavirus mutation. Alternatively, we can take an entirely different approach to ending the pandemic by focusing on strengthening the cells of the human body against all future mutations of the virus.

It is now a scientific fact that specific combinations of micronutrients are an effective, safe, and affordable approach to ending the coronavirus pandemic. Any assertion by politicians and pharmaceutical executives that vaccines are the only way to combat it is no longer valid.

The details of this scientific breakthrough are being introduced to the political leaders of the world by Dr. Matthias Rath and his research team.

Raise your voice

While the scientific facts of this breakthrough can be understood by anyone, anywhere in the world, they will no doubt be met with skepticism by certain politicians and, above all, by those special interest groups that have been trying to draw the people of the world into a fateful dependency on patented vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs.

By spreading this information and writing to the political decision takers in your country in support of Dr. Rath’s new Open Letter, you can raise your voice and help draw further attention to the scientific breakthrough. Together with many other people in your country you can also help ensure that, at the next elections, the only politicians who get your vote are those who are willing to listen to the voices of reason.

Our new Vote For Reason website empowers the people of the world to participate in an unprecedented global health education campaign, with the goal of ending the coronavirus pandemic once and for all.

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