The Key Strategies of a Worldwide Preventive Health Education Campaign

Among all these hallmarks for a historical transformation, education about natural, nutritional and cellular health is the key. This education will be conducted at several levels:

There is a global level of health education: The Internet and online social networks will allow health education and communication on the subject of effective natural health in unprecedented dimensions, reaching every corner of the planet. Students of these online programs can share their experiences across five continents and become teachers of natural preventive health in their own communities – irrespective of whether their community is a large city or a village in a rain forest.

At the local level of this health education initiative, setting up community health information centers are a key element. People, young and old, who recognize the need for an immediate change in global health care, will unite to set up these centers in their communities. In some countries these centers will resemble stores. Alternatively a center may simply be a small hut in the middle of a school or community garden. Regardless, the key function of these centers is to offer information, education and consultation about natural, nutritional and cellular health and about the breathtaking perspectives of preventive medicine. These community health information centers are connected through social networks and international partnerships that allow an exchange of information across national, social and ethnic barriers – especially among young people.

Education of the people in natural and preventive health must take place at all levels: Nutritional and Cellular Medicine courses will be offered at every level of education, from kindergarten to adult education programs. Every school will have classes on the essentials of optimum nutrition and cellular health, thus enabling the youngest inhabitants of our planet to take advantage of these health breakthroughs. Every major college and university will open faculties to educate future experts in nutritional health, Cellular Medicine and preventive health in general. In this context new professions will be promoted that offer diplomas and degrees for ‘primary health care teachers’, ‘cellular health consultants’ and other prevention oriented disciplines.

Moreover, to accelerate this historic transformation, new independent medical schools and universities will be founded around the world with the focus on nutritional health and Cellular Medicine.

People learning about cellular health at a course in Milano, Italy.


Key Elements of a Preventive Health Care System

The key element in building a future, prevention-oriented health care system is the participation of the people of the world in the planning, implementation and control of their own health care. Millions of people, empowered by comprehensive education in preventive health, now become architects of this new system. Building this new global health care is a stepwise process. The milestones are:

  1. Healthy Community: First, we must create a healthy community. Coordinated through community health information centers, these health architects make sure that the breakthroughs of nutritional and cellular health and the possibility to improve health and save lives reaches every member of the community. They build a network of committed citizens who help to implement primary health care programs towards improving health in the community. Primary health care is defined as essential health care made accessible to community members through the participation of the community at large.
  2. Healthy nation: The second milestone on the path towards a new global health care system is a healthy nation. The sum of all local and regional activities will ultimately contribute to a new approach to health care at the national level and will help to create a healthy nation. Redirecting the national health care system towards the prevention of diseases is a major milestone in the history of each nation.
    Preventive health care will be promoted at every level of political decision taking. Health insurance systems will promote nutritional and cellular health, as well as other preventive health care approaches. This will decrease health care costs for individuals, the public sector and corporations, thereby stimulating employment and economic growth.
    Taxpayer money will be channeled to public and private research that focuses on the prevention and elimination of diseases. New universities and research institutes will be created in order to accelerate the transformation of national health care systems towards an effective, affordable and sustainable preventive approach.
  3. Healthy Planet: Our ultimate aim is to create a healthy planet for ourselves and future generations. The transformation of health care systems towards prevention in more and more nations of the world will inevitably change global health care in the same direction. The concept of Cellular Medicine is the only scientific rationale that allows the buildup of a health care system that is sustainable on a global scale.

The right to health includes access to timely, acceptable, and affordable health care of appropriate quality.

Sustainability and Self-reinforcement

The fact that the key compounds delivering health to the human body are found in plants, that can essentially grow everywhere, allows a health care system based on this knowledge to provide health to people anywhere in the world.

But nutritional and Cellular Medicine do not only sustain global health care – it goes beyond that: they are self-reinforcing. The continuously expanding knowledge about the health benefits of plants and the micronutrients they contain will gradually reduce diseases while, at the same time, lowering the costs of health care. The growing acceptance of nutritional and Cellular Medicine as the basis of a new health care system will enable us to provide effective health care around the world at less and less cost. The synergistic sum of the health benefits of optimum plant selection, new agricultural procedures, and of new results in cellular health research via the internet and social networks will propel the liberation of mankind from diseases at a continuously accelerating rate. This principle of continuously ‘achieving more health at lower cost’ is a unique feature of the preventive health care system we are building together.

Moreover, the global dissemination of this nutrition-based health care will greatly reduce the economic dependency of the developing world upon the industrialized nations. The need for developing countries to import expensive pharmaceutical drugs – that today are strangulating the already weak economies of these countries – will be significantly reduced.

Community Gardens

The mission of community garden programs is to strengthen the community and foster self-sufficiency by providing access for all to food production and preservation resources and promoting sustainable gardening practices. The wide variety of different vegetables, fruit and flowers can also reflect the diverse cultural backgrounds of members. An example for successful community garden programs is the RCMA (Riverside Community Market Association) Community Allotment project, which provides a place where people can learn how to grow food in a sociable and supportive atmosphere. RCMA’s latest enterprise activity is the Market Garden project – a small-scale intensive horticultural operation that will supply both institutional customers and farmers’ markets in South East Wales.


The Need for a World Health Alphabetization

The greatest goal uniting all mankind at the beginning of the third millennium is the need for a world health alphabetization. Within the coming years, the information regarding which plants are rich in essential micronutrients and which should be grown to fight hunger and disease – at the same time – will reach every community and every village in the world. In those developing nations where the majority of people are still unable to read and write, our global health education campaign will become a health alphabetization campaign. It will bring health, but it will also serve the goal of bringing general education to the people and increasing the literacy rate in those countries.

Hunger, disease and illiteracy have been key tools that cemented the economic dependency of the developing world upon the industrialized world and widened the gap between rich and poor nations. Our World Health Alphabetization campaign will be the single most important measure in the history of mankind towards overcoming economic inequality and will finally help to establish social justice on our planet.

Screenshot of the World Health Alphabetization website

The Breathtaking Historical Parallel of Our Mission

The breathtaking historical parallel to our mission is the transformation from the Dark Ages to Modern Times – half a millennium ago. At that time the great majority of people were living a life deprived of the ability to read and write and were thus condemned to living in utmost dependency.

The translation of books from Latin into spoken languages and their mass production via the newly invented printing press led to an unprecedented explosion of knowledge. Many new schools and universities were founded, propelling knowledge in all areas of life – eventually terminating the medieval Dark Ages and ushering in the Modern Times. The intellectual and economic potential released through these measures provided unprecedented wealth to the people, communities and states at that time.

Today, most areas of our planet have been liberated from the inability to read and write – but essentially the entire world is still enslaved by illiteracy in relation to our health and our body. The logic of nutritional and Cellular Medicine – which can be understood by anyone, anywhere in the world – liberates the people of our planet from health illiteracy.

Moreover, the parallel to the invention of the printing press five centuries ago is the advent of the Internet and the development of social networks in our time. The economic wealth that will be created by a significant reduction of diseases – and by creating an effective, sustainable and prevention-oriented health care system on a global scale – will be unprecedented.

Huge amounts of money will now become available to address the burning issues of mankind, including mass unemployment, environmental protection and support for economic and social advances in the developing world.

But this quantum leap forward for mankind will not come by itself – we need to organize it!

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 – 1860)

What Are the Next Steps?

From this conference in Barletta, Italy, we call to the people of the world, to the health professionals and scientists, the corporate executives in our community, the media in our countries, the churches and congregations in our home towns, the political stakeholders at the local, regional and national levels – but above all, we call upon the youth of the world:

“Come and join us in saving millions of lives! Join us in building your future world – a world where the diseases of today are essentially unknown!”

We commit that we will make every effort to spread the life-saving benefits of nutritional health and Cellular Medicine and to building a new, prevention- oriented system of health care for our planet. We will not rest until this new health care system has reached the last corners of the world. From the Amazon Forest to the mountains of the Himalayas, from the favelas of Latin America to the townships of Africa, our message to the world is clear:

“Health is available to all! Come and join us now!”

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