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July 13, 2018
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July 16, 2018

Trump Attacks Pfizer Over Drug Price Increases


U.S. president Donald Trump has said that Pfizer should be “ashamed” for raising the prices of its drugs.


While Trump now talks openly about “the tangled web of special interests” in relation to the drug lobby, he has not as yet publicly identified the true nature of the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’. A trillion-dollar-a-year investment industry that is driven by the profits of its shareholders, the marketplace for drug companies is the human body – but only so long as the body continues to host diseases. Thus, maintaining the existence of diseases and expanding their incidence is a precondition for the financial growth and continued existence of this industry.

Trump’s focus should therefore shift towards addressing the primary cause of chronic diseases – micronutrient deficiencies – and to building a truly prevention-oriented system of medicine. This means healthcare that does not merely mask symptoms, but which attempts to eradicate diseases by directly addressing their root causes. Ultimately, only nutritional and Cellular Medicine approaches can achieve this.

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