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July 12, 2018
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Vitamin D Deficiency Affects One Third Of Pregnant Women In Norway


One in three pregnant women in Norway is suffering from a vitamin D deficiency by the end of her pregnancy, a major study published earlier this year in the PLOS One journal has shown.


Towards helping to ensure a healthy baby, a proper supply of micronutrients during pregnancy is vital. Recent scientific research continues to confirm this fact and has found that women with an insufficient intake of vitamin D take longer to get pregnant and, even when they do conceive, may increase their risk of having a miscarriage.

With a lack of vitamin D now commonplace among pregnant women it is hardly surprising that cases of rickets – a severe vitamin D deficiency disease thought to have been eradicated decades ago – are once again on the increase in children. Because of this, researchers are increasingly in agreement that all babies should be given supplemental vitamin D from birth.

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