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October 8, 2020
UK Government To Reassess Its Stance On Use Of Vitamin D For Coronavirus
October 8, 2020

Coronavirus: Europe Experiencing ‘Pandemic Fatigue’


“Covid is taking an emotional toll across Europe with rising levels of apathy among some populations, the World Health Organization is warning.” [Source: BBC News (UK)]


Perhaps the greatest tragedy of the coronavirus crisis is that, had scientific knowledge about the role of micronutrients in strengthening the immune system been acted upon by national governments right from the start, the pandemic could largely have been prevented or contained. Instead, social life is being disturbed, basic human rights are being taken away, and widespread economic damage in unprecedented proportions is occurring. In this situation it is hardly surprising that the crisis is taking an emotional toll. The ongoing manipulation of public opinion by so-called ‘experts’ is playing a major role in maintaining a global state of fear.

To help fight feelings of isolation, fear and paralysis, we recommend you read Dr. Rath’s Open Letter from March 2020 and study the links it contains. The more you understand about the current crisis and the reasons why it arose, the better able you will be to take the right decisions to protect yourself, your family, and those that are dear to you.

A full list of Dr. Rath’s recommended actions can be found in the final section of his Open Letter. The more widely you can share them, the sooner we can bring this crisis to an end.