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Antioxidants To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

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“Research conducted at the Institut national de la recherche scientifique in Quebec, Canada, has shown that an oxidation-antioxidant imbalance in the blood is an early indicator of Alzheimer’s disease.” [Source:]


Research increasingly suggests that synergistic combinations of antioxidants and other micronutrients may prevent and even reverse Alzheimer’s disease.

A scientific review published in the Open Biology journal in 2020 examined the role of antioxidants and a nutrient-rich diet in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s. Authored by researchers from the University of Western Australia, the paper describes how evidence is accumulating that, through taking advantage of their synergistic effects, combinations of antioxidants may be effective not only in preventing Alzheimer’s disease but also in reversing it. Advising combining antioxidant supplements with a nutrient-rich diet, the researchers suggest such an approach may also be effective against other neurodegenerative diseases.

Similarly, a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2015 found that micronutrient supplements can halt the development of Alzheimer’s. Carried out over a period of two years by scientists at University of Oxford in the UK, it followed 168 elderly people and showed that, for participants with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, a combination of B vitamins prevented brain shrinkage, a hallmark of the devastating condition.

To access easy-to-read short summaries of studies on the natural prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, visit our Independent Library of Nutrition and Natural Health website.

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