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Suspect Charged With Attempted Murder of Slovak Prime Minister


A man has been charged with the attempted murder of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico after the politician was seriously hurt in a shooting attack.

[Image source: Dr. Rath Health Foundation]


Despite admitting that the attack on Robert Fico may have been politically motivated, most mainstream/legacy media sources have focused solely on his opposition to Ukraine joining NATO and suggestion that the war with Russia could only be ended through negotiating some kind of compromise. Other key statements made by him in recent weeks, while potentially just as significant, have essentially been ignored.

In a recent parliamentary speech, for example, Fico openly admitted that deaths from various cardiovascular events in his country have risen because of COVID-19 vaccinations. Describing COVID-19 vaccines as “experimental” and “unnecessary,” Fico has bravely committed his government to telling Slovak people the truth about what actually happened during the pandemic. These statements came only weeks after he announced that his political party would not support strengthening the powers of the World Health Organization (WHO) in managing the fight against future pandemics.

To learn more about the Slovak Prime Minister linking COVID-19 vaccines to cardiovascular deaths, as well as his promise to find out who actually organized the pandemic ‘circus,’ see this article on our website.