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Vaccine Trial Patient Files First US Lawsuit Against AstraZeneca


An American woman who took part in the US clinical trial of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is suing the company, claiming it left her “permanently disabled.”

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The filing of this lawsuit against AstraZeneca in the United States follows the company admitting in a separate case that its COVID-19 vaccine can cause deadly blood clots. Contained in papers filed in response to a class action lawsuit brought against it in the UK High Court, the admittance comes as deaths and severe injuries from the firm’s injection are similarly resulting in victims seeking damages in Italy, Germany, and other countries.

In a related development, AstraZeneca recently announced the withdrawal of its COVID-19 vaccine worldwide. Attempting to explain the move, it claims the development of new injections to counter current coronavirus variants has resulted in a surplus of updated vaccines becoming available. According to AstraZeneca, this has led to a “decline in demand” for its own product. In reality, however, given the number of lawsuits that are being filed against it, the more likely explanation is that the company’s major shareholders have decided the shot has become a risk to profits.

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