This Year’s UN-General Assembly Decides On The Future Of The United Nations, World Peace And The Future Of Mankind
September 7, 2003
You Are Deciding About the Future of Mankind!
September 23, 2003

Save Our Planet Now!

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Matthias Rath, M.D.

On Sunday, September 7, 2003, in an advertisement in the New York Times, Dr. Rath informed the people and governments of the world that this year’s UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY will be the most critical General Assembly since the inception of the UNITED NATIONS half a century ago. Only one day later, on September 8, UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, called for all Heads of State to “come in person “ to this year’s UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY.

It is clear that the forthcoming UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY will be a political tribunal against those countries that led an illegitimate war – exposing the Bush and Blair Administrations as being responsible for escalating the current international crisis and as perpetrators of International Law.

Unsolvable Problems For The Bush Administration

  • Your approval rating is at an all time low and half of the American people no longer trust you.
  • Your lack of credibility has become a key political issue during the current Presidential election campaign and it will determine the outcome of these elections.
  • You have started a war against International Law which exposes you, your administration as well as the corporate and military leaders associated with you to be held responsible for crimes against humanity – in accordance with International law and the United Nations Charter.
  • The reason you provided to the people of the world for starting this war, -Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq – is known to be untrue.
  • You realize that you have become a political liability to the American people and to the world.
  • With the UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY – the Parliament of the World – convening in New York time is running out on George Bush. Even with George Bush deciding to speak at the UN, the world assembly can no longer make concessions about wars of aggression and its own Charter without discrediting itself.

Unsolvable Problems For The Corporate Interests That Brought The Bush Administration Into The White House

Already on September 13, 1998 the New York Times wrote that George W. Bush was surely a tool of the New World Order and a candidate of the ‘Rockefeller-financed Trilateral Commission.’ Consequently, the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry – both key investment industries of the Rockefeller group – became the largest sponsors of George Bush’s presidential election. Their key assignment to the Bush Administration was to protect their trillion dollar interests in the pharmaceutical industry against crippling liability law suits and against global credibility deterioration due to the uncovering of their unscrupulous ‘investment business with diseases.’

Today – after three years of the Bush Administration in office – their record looks rather sobering:

  • They have lost the political credibility and the support of the American people.
  • They have driven its closest allies – including Tony Blair – to a credibility crisis they may not survive.
  • They have exposed the corporate interests behind the Bush Administration to such an extent that they may also be held responsible for plundering public and private property in violation of international law.
  • They have isolated the United States of America from the entire world compromising the US’ political and economic leadership.

With this devastating record the Bush Administration has become a liability to the very same corporate interests that brought them into the White House. They know that the Bush Administration must be sacrificed – unless ….

Their Options left to stay In Power

In this deadlock situation – with the UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY ready to condemn the perpetrators of International Law – few options are left, including the unthinkable: dragging the world into the abyss with weapons of mass destruction.

Such events would immediately distract from the loss of political credibility, retrospectively justify the war against Iraq and provide the basis for corporate interests to establish global legislation curtailing civil rights and cementing its global control.

The unthinkable may become reality!



Only few events in the course of history equal the current events. One of them was the termination of the Medieval Times.

Over 400 years ago, a quantum leap took place in history. During Medieval Times 80% of the people were illiterate. The invention of the printing press together with the translation of the bible into spoken languages allowed millions of common people to learn to read and write.

Knowledge was power and the rulers at that time did not want to share their power with the people. They wanted to preserve their feudal economic privileges and met the ‘liberation from illiteracy’ with utmost brutality. In the ‘30-Year War’ (1618-1648) they destroyed half of Europe and killed millions of people in an attempt to bring back their Medieval privileges. All was in vain because the people no longer wanted to live in illiteracy and dependency.

Today mankind is going through a ‘liberation’ of similar magnitude – but global in its scope. Two out of three of today’s diseases can largely be eradicated if the scientific knowledge currently available in the area of natural non-patentable health is implemented in any health care system.

The possibility to liberate mankind from cardiovascular disease, cancer and many other diseases by natural, non-patentable means threatens the very existence of the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical investment industry.

Similar to the Medieval feudal rulers, today’s economic rulers are not willing to give up their economic privileges voluntarily. Just as they did 400 years ago they are willing to sacrifice the lives of thousands, even millions of people in their own demise. There is one difference worth noting. Centuries ago, wars were fought with pitchforks and muskets Today they are fought with weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons.

All Heads of State, the UN General Assembly as well as millions of people living today in America and in all other countries of the world have to make a decision: Do we really want this to happen? If not, the time to act is now !