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March 7, 2018
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March 9, 2018

Big Pharma thriving from flu pandemic

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As the flu pandemic is killing and sickening scores of Americans, Big Pharma companies’ profits are soaring. 


As its profiteering from the flu pandemic reminds us, it is not in the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry to prevent common diseases. To the contrary, the maintenance and expansion of diseases is a precondition for its financial growth. Increasingly, however, the people of the world are becoming aware of the existence of natural health alternatives that are both safer and more effective than pharmaceutical drugs.

In the case of the flu, taking extra vitamin C has long been a popular remedy. However, achieving optimum immune protection involves a lot more than simply using this nutrient alone. Studies conducted by scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute have documented that vitamin C combined with lysine, proline, and other micronutrients, works more effectively than when using it alone. Taken in combination, such micronutrients can target multiple mechanisms associated with flu infection.

To learn more about the use of micronutrients against various types of flu, as well as the ways in which drug companies and governments are misleading us about its prevention and treatment, visit the flu section of our website.

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