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Goldman Sachs questions whether curing patients is a ‘sustainable business model’


A recent biotech report issued by Goldman Sachs questions whether curing patients is a ‘sustainable business model’. Writing to clients of the multinational investment bank, vice president Salveen Richter describes how curing patients is not as profitable as treating them for chronic conditions.


This news story confirms what we ourselves have been saying for years now about the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’, namely, that it is not in the interest of drug companies to prevent or cure common diseases. Instead, the continued existence of health problems, as well as an increase in the number of people affected by them, is a precondition for the pharma industry’s financial growth.

As the people of the world increasingly wake up to the shocking reality that they have been lied to about the true nature of the pharmaceutical drug business, the sheer callousness of the words used by Salveen Richter will no doubt be viewed by them as deeply shocking. In short, seen in terms of the audience that it was intended for, Richter’s statement essentially amounts to insider confirmation that the financial health of drug companies, not human health, is the primary interest of the pharma industry’s investors.

Notably, after having let the cat out of the bag in so publicly embarrassing a way, CNBC reports that Richter apparently “didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment” about her choice of words. No surprise there then – but the damage to the drug industry’s credibility has already been done.

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