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June 20, 2019
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Study Finds Athletes Think They Know More About Supplements And Nutrition Than They Actually Do


A new study on professional athletes competing in Olympic sports has found that the players think they know more about supplements and nutrition than they actually do. 


It is no secret that the use of supplements is very common among professional athletes. Due to the increased metabolic turnover, micronutrient supplementation essential for anyone who regularly engages in intense exercise. Otherwise, an insufficiency of micronutrients can lead to easy fatigue, muscle or bone injury, and other problems such as arthritis.

Some athletes take haphazard combinations of supplements that can create or aggravate micronutrient imbalances. It is therefore hardly surprising that this study has found athletes often think they know more about nutrition than they actually do.

Research conducted by scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute shows that carefully chosen synergistic combinations of micronutrients can help provide maximum support to the cells of the heart, blood vessels, muscles, bones, joints, and all other organs that keep athletes going strong and healthy for life.

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