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October 29, 2019
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October 31, 2019

Two Charities To Pay $6 Million To Resolve U.S. Pharma Kickback Probe

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The U.S. Justice Department says that two charities will pay $6 million to resolve claims they operated as pass-throughs for seven pharmaceutical companies to pay kickbacks to Medicare patients using their high-priced medications.


Through receiving much of their funding from the pharmaceutical industry, the health advice and support given by many medical charities to patients is far from independent. This particularly applies to charities raising money for research into new treatments for diseases. To all intents and purposes, the money raised by such charities essentially forms a subsidy and support network for the pharmaceutical industry and its patented chemical drugs business. If you doubt this, just ask yourself a simple question: Why does a trillion-dollar-a-year industry need us to donate money to support its work?

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