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June 5, 2020
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June 5, 2020

Officials In Southern India To Give Vitamin C & Zinc Tablets To Elderly & Disabled To Help Fight Coronavirus


Vitamin C and zinc tablets are to be distributed to elderly and disabled people in Madurai, India, to help them build immunity against the coronavirus.


The distribution of vitamin C and zinc tablets to elderly and disabled people in Madurai follows a similar initiative recently taking place in the Sellur area of the city. The city officials responsible for distributing the micronutrients in Sellur recognized that the measure would boost the immunity of patients who tested positive for the coronavirus.

In tackling the coronavirus pandemic in this way, Madurai officials are to be congratulated for taking a science-based approach. Studies show that vitamin C, zinc, and other specific micronutrients are effective and safe in supporting the immune system for fighting infections.

To learn the facts about the coronavirus pandemic – including how science-based natural health measures are potentially lifesaving for people everywhere – we encourage you to read Dr. Rath’s recent ‘Open Letter to the People and Governments of the World’ and share it as widely as possible.

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