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May 19, 2021
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COVID-19 Pandemic To Be ‘Far More Deadly’ This Year, World Health Organization Claims


“The World Health Organization has issued a grim warning that the second year of COVID-19 is set to be “far more deadly”, as Japan extended a state of emergency amid growing calls for the Olympics to be scrapped.” [Source:]


Had the findings from groundbreaking studies conducted at the Dr. Rath Research Institute been acted upon in a timely fashion by governments worldwide, the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic could have been minimalized. Published in July and August 2020, the institute’s research proves that all key infection pathways of the coronavirus – including its mutations – can be blocked naturally using specific combinations of micronutrients.

With the most recent research published by the Dr. Rath Research Institute’s scientists showing that combining vitamin C with other natural compounds enhances its ability to impede key mechanisms of coronavirus infection simultaneously, any politician who tells you that experimental gene-based vaccines are the only way to bring the pandemic to an end is clearly neither telling you the facts nor acting in your best interests.

To read about the Open Letter recently sent by Dr. Rath to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, informing him of these science-based natural health approaches to controlling the coronavirus pandemic, see this article on our website.