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‘I’m Angry About Covid Lies’ – Tennis Legend Pat Cash


“In this exclusive interview, the former Wimbledon tennis champion deplores the pressure on super-fit young athletes to be vaccinated, questions its necessity, warns of the risks, and demands people be given the full facts.” [Source:]

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Admitting he risks getting banned from the Tennis Association for speaking out in this interview, Pat Cash describes how from day one of the pandemic he felt that what he was hearing from the media and politicians didn’t add up. A lifelong ‘health nut’ who exercises regularly, takes vitamins, eats organic food, and juices in the morning, after researching things for himself Cash decided he wasn’t going to buy into the fear of it all. The media has “an element of flexibility with the truth,” he says.

On the subject of Covid-19 vaccines, Cash states that he simply wants people to be given the full facts so that they can make up their own minds. “I just don’t want young, healthy athletes taking something that could long-term damage them for no reason,” he says.

Cash is particularly scathing regarding the ongoing draconian lockdowns that are being inflicted on his native Australia, saying that it breaks his heart to see what is going on there. “The Australian government haven’t learnt a damn thing,” he says, adding that “to think that we have a free society anywhere….is questionable.”

Cash’s concluding message in this interview is that we should keep our eyes open, keep our heads out of the sand, watch what’s going on, and don’t panic. Looking after ourselves and staying healthy is the best thing we can do, he says.

The world needs more public figures to speak out in this way.