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February 17, 2022
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Pharmaceuticals In Rivers Threaten World Health – Study


“Pollution of the world’s rivers from pharmaceutical products poses a “threat to environmental and global health”, a new report says.” [Source: bbc.co.uk]


Building on the work of similar studies conducted previously, this study sampled water from more than 1,000 test sites in over 100 countries. Overall, more than a quarter of the 258 rivers examined had pharmaceutical drugs present at a level deemed unsafe for aquatic organisms. Those most commonly found included drugs for epilepsy and diabetes. High concentrations of painkillers were also detected. The researchers expressed particular concern about the increasing presence of antibiotics in rivers, which they say could lead to the emergence of new strains of drug-resistant bacteria.

Ultimately, this study provides a timely reminder that not only is the trillion-dollar-a-year pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’ economically unsustainable, it isn’t environmentally sustainable either. This illustrates yet another reason why we need to replace drug-based medicine with a truly preventive system of healthcare that utilizes safe, non-toxic, science-based natural health approaches. Pharmaceutical pollution is rapidly becoming an environmental health hazard and should urgently be addressed by national, regional, and global health authorities alike.

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