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April 1, 2022
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April 13, 2022

Fungicides Used To Keep Fruit Fresh May Be Driving Drug-Resistant Strains Of Deadly Bug


“Apples may be fueling the superbug crisis by harboring drug-resistant strains of a deadly fungus, a study suggests. Indian and Canadian academics believe fungicides used to keep the fruit fresh are to blame. .” [Source:]


Providing clear evidence regarding the dangers of the patented chemicals that are sprayed on non-organic foods, researchers found the deadly fungus candida auris to be present on 13 percent of the apples on sale in Northern India. First identified in Japan in 2009, the fungus has since spread to over a dozen countries worldwide. Up to 60 percent of the people infected with it have died. Published in the mBio journal, the study suggests that the use of chemical fungicides may be helping the fungi that are most resistant to them to thrive.

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