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July 28, 2023
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122 Million More People Pushed Into Hunger Since 2019


More than 122 million more people are facing hunger in the world since 2019 due to the pandemic and repeated weather shocks and conflicts, including the war in Ukraine, according to a new report.


Much of the hunger in the world today can be attributed to the fact that, rather than directing resources into helping people in poor countries to become independent and teaching them how to help themselves, the large international aid agencies and charities are instead creating a dependency on donor funding. Rather than reducing global hunger and malnutrition, such a strategy simply perpetuates it.

Not only does undernourishment result in numerous negative health effects, however, in the case of school children it also affects their concentration and ability to learn. This means that under-nutrition has a direct long-term effect on a country’s economic potential.

Recognizing that a different approach is possible, our Movement of Life Free Food for All campaign educates people about the health-promoting properties of fruits and vegetables and helps them set up school and community gardens where they can grow food to feed themselves, their families, and friends.

Instead of expecting their futures to depend upon aid money from the large global institutions, we teach people in poor countries how to help themselves. After experiencing the benefits of an improved diet, many people are inspired to set up their own gardens at home and are subsequently able to sell any surplus food they produce to improve their incomes.

The philosophy behind our Free Food for All campaign can be summarized by adapting an old saying: If you give a person some food, you feed them for a day. But if you teach them to produce their own food, you feed them for life.

To learn more about our work in developing and least developed countries, visit the Movement of Life website.