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Study Finds More Deaths Associated With Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Than Melanoma


A higher proportion of patients are dying from non-melanoma skin cancer globally than melanoma, according to a press release from the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology.


In a study providing further scientific confirmation that micronutrients can reduce the occurrence of cancer, researchers from the University of Sydney in Australia have found that nicotinamide, a form of vitamin B3, lowers the risk of non-melanoma skin cancers. The research was conducted via a clinical trial involving 386 people in Australia, aged between 30 and 91 years old, who had had non-melanoma skin cancers two or more times during the previous five years. Patients who took 500 milligrams of nicotinamide twice a day were found to have a 23 percent lower risk of developing new cancers compared to those given placebo pills.

Particularly significantly, when patients in the study stopped taking vitamin B3, their risk of developing skin cancer rose around six months later. This clearly confirms that protection from skin cancer can only be obtained if the supplements are taken consistently. Notably therefore, Dr. Diona Damian, the lead investigator of the study, pointed out in a news conference organized by the American Society of Clinical Oncology that vitamin B3 is “safe, almost obscenely inexpensive and widely available,” adding that the approach was “ready to go straight into the clinic.”

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