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France Enacts Controversial Law Against mRNA Vaccine Criticism


France has passed legislation that imposes severe penalties on those who publicly dissent against the official medical narrative surrounding mRNA vaccines, including potential imprisonment of up to three years and fines reaching $48,400.
[Source: bnnbreaking.com]

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Dubbed ‘Article Pfizer’, this new French law represents a dangerous erosion of democratic principles and illustrates the increasing influence of pharmaceutical companies over government decision-making. Similar attempts to suppress medical dissent have already been seen in other Western countries, resulting in growing concern about the threat to human rights.

The enforcement of such laws has profound implications for people who suffer adverse reactions to vaccines, as well as for public trust in the provision of healthcare. Raising significant ethical and legal questions, particularly regarding freedom of speech, the development arguably marks a further step towards the creation of a pro-pharma medical dictatorship.

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