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One Year Before Pandemic, US Scientists Had Plans to Create Viruses in Wuhan With Same Features as COVID


Newly released documents show how the genome of Covid matches that of viruses described in a research proposal from US scientists.

[Image source: Adobe Stock]


It is now looking increasingly likely that the virus responsible for COVID-19 was developed in a laboratory.

This latest news story on the origins of the virus concerns newly released documents indicating that, a year before the outbreak, American scientists had plans to engineer viruses with features identical to those of the coronavirus that went on to cause COVID-19. Significantly, therefore, the work described in the documents was to be carried out in Wuhan, the city in China where the pandemic is believed to have started. The Wuhan Institute of Virology remains at the center of the lab leak theory today.

Detailing a 2018 proposal named ‘DEFUSE’, the documents sought funding to engineer coronaviruses matching COVID’s genetic makeup. Revealingly, therefore, the plans were led by the EcoHealth Alliance – a New York-based organization already suspected to be partly responsible for the lab leak that is believed to have set off the pandemic.

While the grant proposal was rejected, questions remain over whether similar experiments were later conducted using other sources of funding. Nevertheless, some observers already believe there is now no remaining room for doubt that the EcoHealth Alliance and its associates caused the pandemic.

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