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‘They’re Drowning Us in Regulations’: How Europe’s Furious Farmers Took on Brussels


Mass demonstrations by farmers across the EU have become a politically charged issue.
[Source: theguardian.com]

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Farmers across Europe are protesting against what they perceive as excessive regulations set by the European Union (EU). Citing issues such as falling prices for their products, rising production costs, over-powerful supermarkets, and the impact of new EU environmental rules on their businesses, they say they feel misunderstood and underappreciated by politicians.

Our organization’s philosophy is that farmers play a vital role in the protection of public health. We believe that the most effective medicines for the healthcare systems of the future will be grown on the fields of farms. As we have shown in our groundbreaking Movement of Life project, this health-promoting produce can be richly augmented by additional fruits and vegetables grown in home and school gardens and on specially cultivated land within communities. We are firm believers in natural farming approaches and strong advocates for organically produced foods that are completely free of pesticides and GMOs.

To learn more about our philosophy for the importance of farming and natural agriculture approaches in the healthcare systems of the future, see Dr. Rath’s ‘Barletta Declaration’ speech from 2014.