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Dutch Parliamentarians Want Large-Scale Study into Ongoing Excess Mortality Rates


Many members of the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of the Dutch Parliament, want a large-scale cohesive study to be carried out into the causes of excess mortality in the Netherlands since 2020. More people have died than expected for four years in a row.
[Source: nltimes.nl]

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An unexplained rise in excess mortality rates has occurred on a global scale since 2020. Defined as the difference between the actual number of deaths in a particular period and the estimated number of deaths expected in that period, the phenomenon essentially coincides with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some researchers suggest that many of the excess deaths attributed to natural causes are actually uncounted COVID-19 deaths. The issue remains highly controversial, however, with many people suspecting that such deaths are instead being caused by the widespread use of experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

A recent analysis of UK data found that heart disease is one of the main driving factors behind the increased level of excess deaths, particularly in middle-aged adults. Heart problems are a known risk of COVID-19 vaccines. Israeli research shows that COVID-19 vaccines are associated with an increase in emergency cardiovascular events, for example.

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