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April 4, 2024
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Vitamin D Shows Promise in Targeting Aging’s Biological Mechanisms


In a recent review article published in Nutrients, researchers summarized what is currently known about the potential effect of vitamin D on modulating some hallmarks of aging and age-related diseases.

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Scientific research is increasingly revealing the importance of nutrition in slowing the aging process and preventing age-related diseases. Based on Dr. Rath’s discoveries, for example, we now know that cardiovascular disease and cancer, two of the biggest killers in the industrialized world, can be prevented and controlled by ensuring an optimum daily intake of the correct micronutrients. Almost 30 million people worldwide lose their lives to these two diseases every year.

Overall, chronic diseases are estimated to kill almost 41 million people annually worldwide, equivalent to seven out of ten deaths globally. The majority of these deaths are now largely preventable using nutritional and Cellular Medicine approaches.

To see Dr. Rath’s basic recommendations for daily micronutrient intake, check out the special Cellular Health Recommendations feature page on our website.