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May 6, 2005
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July 4, 2005

Micronutrients Can Reverse the Course of AIDS – Vitamin Project

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In Khayelitsha, a township of Cape Town, South Africa, we conducted a clinical pilot study in HIV-positive patients with advanced AIDS who had never taken any ARV drugs. The goal of the study was to show that a combination of micronutrients can reverse the course of AIDS, even in its advanced stage.

This nutrient combination consisted of specific vitamins, amino acids, minerals and polyphenol extracts from green tea. The list of micronutrients in this program and details of the study are available on this Website.

Blood tests and clinical evaluations were performed at the start and after 4 weeks on the nutrient program. Already after the first month of this study, the clinical and blood test results were profound. Patients with the most severe stages of AIDS had the highest improvements of immune function. We decided to publish the key findings without delay for the benefit of all mankind.

In addition to improvements in various clinical markers of the immune system function, the vitamin program has shown beneficial effects in many aspects of general health. The graphs below illustrate the improvements in multiple symptoms experienced by people with HIV/AIDS involved in this project for up to 8 weeks.

No previously tested vitamins or ARV drugs have been able to show the reversal of clinical symptoms of AIDS as documented here. Moreover, in this study all known immune system markers – not only CD4 counts – significantly improved within the short period of only 4 weeks!

The scientific responsibility for these results is shared by Alexandra Niedzwiecki, Ph.D. (Dr. Rath Research Institute, USA), David Rasnick, Ph.D. (Dr. Rath Health Foundation, South Africa), Sam Mhlongo, M.D. (Head of Family Medicine, Medical University of Southern Africa, MEDUNSA, South Africa) and Matthias Rath, M.D.

AIDS-Related Skin Ulcer Reversed

Zola (20) is just one example for the clinical improvements seen in this study. Last year, when she experienced symptoms of weight loss, night sweating and coughing, she consulted a clinic and was diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) and tested HIV positive.

She was advised that after finishing her TB treatment she should start taking antiretroviral (ARV) treatment, but she objected because of the side-effects of ARV treatment. By that time she had developed symptoms of full-blown AIDS, including a deep neck ulcer that would not heal and eventually a severe infection (see picture A below). She also had pain in her legs and other parts of her body.

Soon after she started the nutrient program, the pains in her body stopped and she gained weight. The infected wound began to heal and after one month had almost completely disappeared (see picture B below).

Skin ulcers are typical for advanced AIDS

Before the nutritional program, a severely infected ulcer was visible on Zola’s neck

After 1 month of taking micronutrients, the ulcer had almost completely healed

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