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August 15, 2008
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October 28, 2008

Results of a Nutrient Community Health Program in People Affected by AIDS in South Africa

Publication of this important information, essential for millions of patients and the governments of the world, is currently being challenged by organizations dedicated to the promotion of toxic ARV drugs. For more background information click here

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The links on this page access the results of a nutrient community health program in people living with AIDS in South Africa. The program was organized and conducted by the South African National Civic Organization (SANCO) and the micronutrients used were provided to SANCO free of charge by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation. The micronutrients donated in this program have never been sold within South Africa or anywhere else in the world.

This community health program consisted of the voluntary participation of members of poor South African communities affected by AIDS. They received the micronutrients from local SANCO community members free of charge and without any instructions to alter medications or lifestyles.

The only feedback provided by the participants in this program was the completion of questionnaires about their wellbeing at the beginning of the program and at regular intervals thereafter. The most important results of the evaluation of these questionnaires are published on this website.

This nutrient community health program was the largest program of its kind ever carried out since the AIDS epidemic began. The results from the program show that micronutrients can improve the symptoms of immune deficiencies – including those characterized by the WHO as AIDS-defining – as assessed by the questionnaires.

The Solid Scientific Rationale

The scientific rationale for the use of vitamins and other micronutrients in supporting immune function is not new. Over the past century, no less than nine Nobel Prizes have been awarded to vitamin research, the majority in relation to the importance to their essential role in optimizing immune response.

The collection of these important data was done against the fierce opposition of organizations in South Africa dedicated to the promotion of anti-retroviral drugs as the primary answer to the AIDS epidemic. In December 2005, two of these organizations, the South African Medical Organization (SAMA) and the so called Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) filed a complaint in the South African courts, trying to obstruct this program by characterizing: (a) the micronutrients as “illegal drugs;” (b) the SANCO community centres as illegal clinics and (c) the nutrient community health program as an “illegal study.”

While the leadership of SAMA has been historically close to pharmaceutical interests, the TAC is an organization that “organizes rented crowds for the drug industry” to “force the government to spend millions of Rand on toxic drugs.” *

In June 2008 the court in Cape Town ruled that no unregistered drugs should be used and no illegal clinical studies be conducted. By using this careful phrasing, the court avoided stopping this nutrient community health program.

While the ruling is being appealed from both sides, we decided to publish the results collected so far in this important community health program for the benefit of:

(a) The people of South Africa affected by AIDS

(b) Governments of the world desperately trying to find solutions to help control this pandemic

(c) Scientists, doctors and other health professionals to launch a worldwide effort in the area of medicine and health, to confirm the importance of vitamins and other micronutrients in the fight against immune deficiencies and AIDS.

While micronutrients are no “cure” for AIDS, they are an important answer to immune deficiencies caused by malnutrition. In light of the deadlock of ARV research – most recently exemplified by the discontinuation of its entire ARV research by Roche, one of the world’s largest ARV manufacturers – micronutrients allow the research community to gain time until a cure or vaccine for AIDS can be found.

A Service to All Mankind

With the support of this nutrient community health program and the publication of these results, we provided a service to all mankind:

  • This nutrient community health program is the largest program of its kind documenting the benefits of micronutrients for people affected by AIDS
  • Never before has the possibility of halting and, in many cases reversing, the symptoms of AIDS as assessed by the patients themselves been documented in a larger number of people
  • No study with ARV drugs has ever been published showing similar outcomes and improvements in the wellbeing of people affected by AIDS.

We are confident that the significance of the results of this nutrient community health program is evident to all visitors to this website and that you will help to disseminate the information to everyone who should know about it.

We are also confident that every step the ARV lobbyists undertake to block this information will ultimately contribute to the worldwide acceptance of this breakthrough in the global battle against immune deficiencies and AIDS.

* These two statements, characterizing the activities of the TAC, were found non-objectionable by the same Cape Town court in a previous case.