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December 14, 2017
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Inauguration of ‘The Little Vitamin Club’ in Świdnica, Poland

Members of the Dr. Rath Health Association in Poland recently founded an education club for young children. Named ‘Witaminka’, which means ‘The Little Vitamin Club’, the club was founded in the city of Świdnica, located in the southwestern region of Poland. The inaugural meeting of the club was held on 16 November 2017. The Health Association members’ regular activities include organizing health-related lectures and activities for the kids, and distributing copies of the ‘Secret of Cells’ book.

Celebrating the inaugural meeting, Dorota Kamińska, President and founder of the Dr. Rath Health Association in Poland, explained: “The inspiration for founding our ‘Witaminka’ education club for preschoolers, where kids can begin their adventure with vitamins, was the children’s book ‘The Secret of Cells’. I had read the book to my grandchildren and immediately realized that it could be intriguing for kids, and that its contents were worth spreading. So I shared my idea with Róża Zań, a co-founder of the Dr. Rath Health Association in Poland. We set up the plan in collaboration with my friend, the owner of the preschool in Świdnica.

In order to make our meetings more interesting and stimulating for the children, we decided to turn the book into an interactive presentation where kids can take part in a little quiz and answer questions related to the contents of the book. During our first meeting, the kids were listening to the stories about vitamins with a great enthusiasm! Every member of ‘The Little Vitamin Club’ received a copy of ‘The Secret of Cells’, as well as a colorful diploma recognizing their membership. At the end of the event the children prepared some fresh fruit juice, thus enjoying a healthy self-made beverage.”

Dorota added that: “Children are the future of our nation, and health is a priceless gift that we all have. The sooner we begin to educate our children about vitamins, the more chance we have to influence them and change their approach towards the need for healthy nutrition and dietary supplementation.”