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New Report Says Low Quality Healthcare Increasing Global Burden Of Illness And Health

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A new joint report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the World Bank says poor quality health services are holding back progress on improving health in countries at all income levels. The three organizations say that inaccurate diagnosis, medication errors, inappropriate or unnecessary treatment, inadequate or unsafe clinical facilities or practices, or providers who lack adequate training and expertise prevail in all countries.


The OECD, WHO, and World Bank are of course correct in identifying that healthcare reform is necessary. What they will not publicly admit, however, is that the current form of medicine practiced in most countries today doesn’t really qualify as a system of healthcare at all. Instead, it is essentially a disease-care system.

As the world’s supposedly foremost authority on health, the WHO clearly has the most responsibility for bringing about a change to this situation. Notably, however, every year, on 7 April, the WHO sponsors what it ironically calls ‘World Health Day’. Promoting it as a ‘global health awareness’ day, the supposed goal is to draw worldwide attention to subjects of major importance to global health. And yet, despite all the time and money the WHO spends on this campaign each year, it achieves no meaningful results: deaths from heart disease and cancer continue in their millions and the drug industry’s profits continue to skyrocket.

A key reason for this continued failure is that the WHO’s promotion of “health” has become synonymous with serving the interests of the trillion-dollar-a-year pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’. Thriving on the continued existence and spread of diseases, the drug industry sees preventing or eliminating human health problems as a threat to its future profits. As such, we urgently need a new global healthcare model that focuses on the interests of people, rather than on those of the drug industry and its shareholders.

To learn about our Foundation’s vision for a preventive system of healthcare based on natural health approaches, read Dr. Rath’s ‘Barletta Declaration’.

Read press release on the OECD website
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