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World Will Be Spending $25 TRILLION Per Year On Conventional Healthcare By 2040


By 2040, the world will be spending a gigantic $25 trillion per year on conventional healthcare approaches. Placing a significant burden on governments worldwide, this will represent a 150 percent increase since 2014.


To put this startling statistic into context, the World Bank puts current gross world product (the GDPs of all countries in the world added together) at around $80 trillion. As such, with even the World Economic Forum now admitting that spending $25 trillion a year on healthcare is a problem and that higher expenditure alone “does not necessarily achieve better results”, the need to switch to a new approach based on safer, cheaper, natural preventive therapies has never been greater.

As Dr. Rath’s groundbreaking Cellular Medicine work demonstrates, the research to support a healthcare system based on natural approaches already exists. Based on almost two decades of studies conducted at the Dr. Rath Research Institute under the direction of Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, it is clear that a healthier world – one in which deaths from chronic diseases are reduced to a fraction of their current occurrence – is now possible.

To read Dr. Rath’s blueprint for a world in which natural preventive health approaches are seen as a human right, see the inspiring speech he gave in the Italian city of Barletta in October 2014.

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