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July 19, 2019
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Federal Court Rules That Florida Can Set Limits On Who Is Allowed To Give Dietary Advice


Florida can set limits on who is allowed to give dietary advice, a United States federal court has ruled.


Enacting draconian restrictions to control who is permitted to give dietary and nutritional advice is a backward step that will ultimately only benefit the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’. Towards the goal of replacing our current disease-focused healthcare systems with natural approaches based on prevention, what is needed instead is to widen public access to information in the areas of nutrition and Cellular Medicine.

The vital element for building a prevention-oriented healthcare system is the participation of the people. This means encouraging people to participate in natural health education programs and enabling them to get involved in the planning, implementation and control of their healthcare at local and national levels.

Crucially, this principle applies not just in industrialized countries, but also in the developing world as well. For many years now, hunger, disease and health illiteracy have been key tools that cemented the economic dependency of the developing world upon the industrialized world and widened the gap between rich and poor nations. This will only change through the global implementation of approaches that put access to health education in the hands of the people.

To learn more about our Foundation’s philosophy in the area of health education and natural preventive approaches, see Dr. Rath’s Barletta Declaration from 2014.

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