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October 31, 2019
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November 1, 2019

Health, Food & Dignity for All

In 2014, under the banner of our Movement of Life campaign, the Dr. Rath Health Foundation launched a project to bring the message of natural health to some of the people who are in the greatest need of it: school children in poor areas of Uganda in Africa.

The goal of the project was to teach children about the health-promoting properties of the fruits and vegetables they could grow in their own gardens, both at school and at home.

Instead of expecting their futures to depend upon aid money from the big global institutions and international aid charities, we wanted to teach the children how to help themselves through learning about Cellular Medicine – the scientific discovery that deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients are the primary cause of today’s most common chronic diseases.

Progress was slow at first, and along the way we faced many challenges. But by mid-2019 the project had grown to the point that a total of 50 schools were involved.

This film, 'Health, Food & Dignity for All', documents the visit to Uganda in July 2019 of Paul Anthony Taylor, Executive Director of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation. Illustrating the work of the Movement of Life Uganda team, it describes how the health approaches being used in this project can be implemented in any school, in any country in the world. To learn more about the project featured in this video, visit the Movement of Life website.
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