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March 25, 2020
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Drug Companies Will Make A Killing From Coronavirus


Unless they fix the system, American taxpayers will get gouged on a vaccine they paid to produce.


The coronavirus pandemic is currently threatening the health and lives of people around the world and ruining the economies of entire nations. The shockwave from this pandemic is only surpassed by the audacity through which potentially life-saving information on the possible containment of the pandemic is being systematically withheld from the people, as well as from many political decision-takers worldwide.

Social life is being disturbed, basic civil rights are being taken away, and economic damage in unprecedented proportions is being accepted, all in the name of curtailing the pandemic. And yet neither the so-called ‘experts’ nor the politicians they advise are providing people with the most basic, and potentially lifesaving, health advice: an optimum intake of vitamins and other essential micronutrients is a key measure for anyone to strengthen their immune system.

This scientific fact – recognized by nine Nobel Prizes and documented in countless textbooks of biology and biochemistry around the world – is absent from essentially every public health recommendation in relation to the coronavirus epidemic.

As Dr. Rath describes in his recent Open Letter, the silence over natural ways to strengthen the immune system is no coincidence. It happens in the interest of those corporate interests that try to take massive economic advantage from the ongoing crisis, namely the pharmaceutical investment business.

Depriving the people of the world from potentially lifesaving information about natural therapies is a crime against humanity!

We urge you to read Dr. Rath’s Open Letter, containing his full analysis of the current situation regarding the coronavirus, and to share it as widely as you can.

Read article in the New York Times (USA)