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New Study Absurdly Claims Side Effects Of Statin Drugs Are ‘All In The Mind’

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“A new study claims the side effects reported by patients taking statin drugs are supposedly ‘all in the mind’.” [Source:]


It is utterly absurd to claim that side effects experienced by patients taking statin drugs are ‘all in the mind’.

review of the scientific literature clearly shows that statins can raise the risk of muscle problems; cognitive problems; cancer; strokes; damage to the peripheral nervous system; sexual dysfunction; thyroid problems; kidney disease; behavioral disorders; heart problems; neurodegenerative disease; Parkinson’s disease; autoimmune diseases; pancreatic problems; liver disease; skin problems; gastrointestinal problems; fatigue; psychiatric problems; sleep problems; as well as negatively affecting many other aspects of health.

Research from Australia has linked the drugs with a significantly increased risk of idiopathic inflammatory myositis, a serious muscle disease that can lead to permanent disability and death.

Statins are also known to deplete levels of the essential micronutrient coenzyme Q10 and have furthermore been shown to lower concentrations of serum fatty acids.

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