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May 28, 2021
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May 28, 2021

US Senate Bill Would Allow Savings Plans, Federal Benefits To Be Used To Buy Supplements


“A US Senate bill introduced recently would allow federal health benefits funds and tax advantaged savings plans to be used to pay for dietary supplements.” [Source:]


This is hardly the first time a proposal of this type has been introduced in the US Congress. Inevitably, however, as such schemes represent a direct threat to the pharma cartel’s control of our healthcare systems, they are deeply opposed and strongly lobbied against by drug companies.

As our regular web visitors will be aware, making nutritional and Cellular Medicine therapies available to everyone worldwide forms a key part of the mission of our Foundation. We see the widespread implementation of schemes enabling greater access to such therapies as being vital towards the creation of a truly preventive global healthcare system using science-based natural approaches. Ultimately, the goal of providing health to all the people of the world can only be achieved when the focus of healthcare is switched from intervention to prevention – that is, towards averting and correcting the malfunctioning of our body before diseases develop.

To read about our vision for making access to natural preventive healthcare approaches a human right, check out the inspiring speech Dr. Rath gave in the historic town of Barletta, Italy, in 2014.