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August 19, 2021
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August 19, 2021

3 Major US Airlines Will Not Mandate Covid Shots For Their Unvaccinated Workers


“The CEOs of Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines say they are not requiring unvaccinated employees to receive Covid shots. ” [Source: cnn.com]


Interestingly, while not requiring its current workers to be vaccinated against Covid-19, Delta Air Lines is setting different rules for employees it hires in future. In May Delta became the first major US airline to require that all new hires receive the vaccinations. It remains to be seen whether engaging in this type of discrimination might result in legal action being brought against the company.

Meantime, other US airlines are said to be divided over whether to mandate Covid shots for their employees. United Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines have both recently stated they will be obligatory, but some unions say their pilots are concerned and that the vaccines should remain voluntary. Overall, more than a dozen large US companies have now made Covid vaccines mandatory for some or all of their workers.

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