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August 13, 2021
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New Analysis Of Landmark Scurvy Study Leads To Update On Vitamin C Needs


“The review of a landmark 1944 study on adequate vitamin C levels has led researchers to challenge the World Health Organization’s recommended daily amounts.” [Source:]


There is a big difference between the amount of vitamin C that is necessary to prevent clinical scurvy and the amount needed for optimum health. While a few milligrams are generally enough to prevent scurvy, the amount needed for optimum health is much larger.

An insufficient intake of vitamin C affects every part of the body. This is particularly the case regarding the cardiovascular system. Vitamin C optimizes the production of collagen and other reinforcement molecules, thereby stabilizing the walls of the arteries and preventing atherosclerotic deposits, heart attacks, and strokes.

Unlike most animals, however, human beings cannot manufacture a single molecule of vitamin C in their bodies. In addition, almost everyone gets too few vitamins from their daily diets. The inevitable consequence of this is a weakening of the artery walls, which triggers artery wall deposits (atherosclerosis). Thus, chronic vitamin deficiency – not high cholesterol – is the main cause of the cardiovascular disease epidemic.

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