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January 27, 2022
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January 27, 2022

New Czech Government Dismisses Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Plan


“The Czech Republic’s new government has dismissed the previous government’s plan to require older adults and people in some professions to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.” [Source:]


The previous Czech government had released an order in early December 2021 making vaccination against COVID-19 mandatory for medical personnel, police officers, firefighters, medical students, and people aged 60 and over. The withdrawal of the plan follows opponents of vaccine mandates staging public protests around the country that were attended by thousands of people.

As is similarly the case in other countries where COVID-19 vaccination is being made compulsory, the Czech government’s mandatory order had been contributing to deepening fissures in the country. After two years of pandemic restrictions, such division clearly acts as a barrier to social stability. But with the new government now facing soaring inflation, a record budget deficit, and COVID-19 cases reaching a new daily high in the country, its problems seem unlikely to be over anytime soon.

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