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Could The Next Big Outbreak Be Lurking In The Water? Pharma Pollution Blamed For Breeding Superbugs


“Scientists fear antimicrobial residues from factories in India have the potential to spark a new health crisis with drug-resistant bacteria.” [Source:]


Concern over antimicrobial residues from drug companies in India comes as pharmaceutical water pollution has also now been detected deep in the Brazilian Amazon. Major rivers of the Amazon Basin of Brazil have been found to be contaminated with a wide range of pharmaceuticals. A report published earlier this year found that pollution of the world’s rivers from pharmaceutical products poses a serious threat to environmental and global health.

Around the world pharmaceutical companies have been polluting the environment for decades now, with the result that even drinking water supplies have become contaminated with measurable amounts of dangerous chemical drugs. Rarely admitted by public health authorities, the fact is that water treatment plants were never designed to deal with the presence of toxic pharmaceutical compounds.

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