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Hong Kong To Introduce Electronic Tracking Bracelets To Stop Residents Breaking Covid Quarantine


“Hong Kong’s new health minister said that electronic tracking bracelets will be introduced from Friday, July 15 to stop residents of the special administrative region of China from breaking the Covid quarantine law.” [Source: euroweeklynews.com]


In addition to forcing residents to wear electronic tracking bracelets when under quarantine, Hong Kong’s health minister also said that it will now be against the law to not report a positive Covid Rapid Antigen Test to the authorities. As a result, he has inevitably been accused of not trusting citizens and essentially treating them like criminals.

Authorities on the Chinese mainland are taking a similarly draconian approach to fighting COVID-19, especially when encountering public opposition. Faced with a protest from hundreds of bank depositors whose accounts were frozen for almost two months with little or no explanation, thus preventing them from accessing their funds, authorities decided to send a red warning code to the health apps on the depositors’ smartphones, thus indicating they were supposedly at high risk of COVID-19 and preventing them from leaving their homes.

China’s health apps require people to input information about their health status and other personal details. Without a green code on the app, free movement around the country is essentially almost impossible. Just a single case of the virus being detected can result in the authorities placing hundreds of thousands of people under lockdown. Notably, therefore, even the World Health Organization now recognizes that China’s zero-Covid strategy is unsustainable and that is time for the approach to be reconsidered.

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