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November 25, 2022
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November 25, 2022

Europe Faces ‘Cancer Epidemic’ After Estimated 1 Million Cases Missed During Covid


“Experts have warned that Europe faces a “cancer epidemic” unless urgent action is taken to boost treatment and research, after an estimated 1 million diagnoses were missed during the pandemic.” [Source: theguardian.com]


Tucked away at the very end of this news story, Anna Schmütz, of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, makes the following observation: “It is estimated that 40 percent of cancers in Europe could be prevented if primary prevention strategies made better use of our current understanding of cancer risk factors.” In reality, however, as impressive as it might seem, this statistic is almost certainly an underestimate.

Through taking advantage of cutting-edge nutritional and Cellular Medicine approaches developed at the Dr. Rath Research Institute, the fact is that the death toll from cancer could be reduced to a fraction of what it is at present. Based on ensuring an optimum intake of essential nutrients such as vitamin C and the amino acid lysine, these drug-free approaches make it possible to block all key biological mechanisms that make cancer a deadly disease. Experiments have shown these science-based natural therapies to be effective against more than 40 different types of human malignancies.

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