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CoQ10 May Be Effective In Reducing Inflammatory Markers


A new meta-analysis has found the powerful antioxidant CoQ10 may have the ability to reduce the level of inflammatory factors in people in a variety of health states.


Inflammation is by far the most frequent health problem we face during our lives. It is associated with every infection that occurs in the body, such as the flu or lung infections, as well as with diseases such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and cancer. The body also uses inflammation in its response to external injuries such as sunburn, cuts, or even a twisted ankle.

The inflammatory response has the potential to damage the body because it largely involves damage to and the breakdown of tissue before rebuilding takes place. While normally a tightly regulated system, in situations of repeated injury or continuous exposure to harmful stimuli the inflammatory process can become chronic.

In addition to CoQ10, other micronutrients that have been shown to be helpful in controlling inflammation include vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc.

To read how research conducted by scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute has shown that specific combinations of micronutrients are superior to pharmaceutical drugs when it comes to controlling key mechanisms of inflammation, see this article on our website.