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July 21, 2023
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July 21, 2023

Should Doctors Do More To Warn Women Their Hair Might Never Grow Back After Chemotherapy?


Studies estimate that up to three in every 100 patients who undergo chemotherapy will suffer permanent hair loss. And long-term alopecia – as it is medically known – is listed on official guidance for doctors as a side effect of chemo to warn patients about.


The high toxicity of chemotherapy drugs is hardly a modern phenomenon. The first ones were derived from mustard gas, a chemical warfare agent used in the First World War. Introduced as cancer treatments from the 1940s onwards, the search for medical applications of mustard compounds continued through to the 1970s. Illustrating how little progress has since been made in the conventional treatment of cancer, chemical derivatives of mustard gas are still being used on patients today.

Not only do chemotherapy drugs actually encourage the spread of cancer, however, research from the UK shows that, in some hospitals, they kill up to 50 percent of patients within 30 days of starting treatment. It has also been shown that women undergoing chemotherapy suffer more toxic side effects than men.

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