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August 31, 2023
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GM Crops Grown On Over Half Of Cropland In United States


About 55 percent of the total harvested cropland in the United States was grown with varieties having at least one genetically modified trait in 2020, according to a recent US Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service report.

[Image source: Wikimedia]


It is clear that consumers are overwhelmingly opposed to eating genetically modified foods. Time and again, surveys and polls in countries throughout the world have proven this beyond any doubt.

Nevertheless, the fact that genetically modified seeds can be patented – because, unlike regular seeds, they are created in laboratories and do not exist in nature – continues to make them a highly attractive investment proposition to the biotech companies that produce them. Patents on genetically modified seeds, and the multibillion-dollar potential profits and market control that may result from them, act as powerful incentives for manufacturers to find ways of forcing genetically modified foods onto consumers’ dinner plates, regardless of the potential dangers to human health.

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